Mania Butler

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I strongly believe that every person has the innate ability to change and become a better version of themselves with adequate support, and with someone to believe in them. My passion to help people overcome challenges and reach their highest potential inspired me to pursue counseling as a career. As a mental health therapist, my goal is to bring healing to communities one individual at a time.

I envision counseling as a journey in which my client is the driver, I’m the passenger and counseling is the vehicle. In this journey, I’m determined to help my client reach their destination as long as they’re willing to keep going. I specialize in Schema Therapy and CBT, and I’m also trained in EMDR. I help individuals work through and cope with trauma, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, lack of motivation and relationship problems.

I am a licensed professional counselor in the state of Oregon. I hold a master’s degree in Marriage, Couples and Family Counseling and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, both from Portland State University.  I have several years of experience providing trauma-informed and culturally specific counseling to individuals and families from diverse cultural backgrounds. One of my top values as a therapist is leading by example for my clients. Therefore, I focus on personal growth and self-care outside of work to ensure I provide effective and high-quality care to my clients.