Kit Edwards

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I believe that people are more than their diagnoses. I recognize that a strong therapeutic relationship with a client creates a powerful foundation for growth and change. These two values are at the basis of my practice. My practice affirms neurodivergence, LGBTQIA+ and other marginalized identities. Therefore, a goal of mine is to help clients embrace parts of themself that society dismisses and categorizes as weird or different. I also strive to create a space where one can rebuild their hope, realize their dreams and lead a life that represents their personal values.

My main specialty is trauma, including developmental trauma, complex trauma, and PTSD. Along with helping clients work through trauma, I also focus on other issues which can be linked to or co-occur with trauma including anxiety, depression, ADHD and Autism. I know that all of these issues can leave someone feeling disconnected, unseen, and disempowered. Through both cognitive and somatic therapies, I believe clients can harness vitality in their experience. Some modalities I work with are IFS/parts work, Somatic Experiencing, DBT and ACT.

I come to therapy from a creative background and hold an MFA in Creative Writing from California Institute of the Arts. I also graduated Magna Cum Laude from Western New Mexico University with a Master of Social Work. I have received training in Somatic Experiencing, Narrative Therapy, DBT and ACT. I am an associate clinician and hold a CSWA which allows me to practice while I work towards full licensure.