Kathi Norman

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I have been a physician assistant for well over two decades. Most of my career has been spent working in an emergency department. Early in my career, I realized I wanted more then pills to offer my patients. Patients wanted more also.  

This lead me on a path where I discovered the science of Positive Psychology. The University of Pennsylvania offered a Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) degree, so I applied and graduated after studying with the leaders in the field. I went on to earn a doctorate degree in Medical Science from the University of Lynchburg.  Using my knowledge of positive psychology, positive health, and medicine, I have developed comprehensive tools for patients to use that includes whole health.  

I have created Positive Medicine, a stepwise approach to positive health and psychological wellbeing. My method of care is evidence based and best practices so that each patient knows they are getting the best care. I especially love caring for those experiencing life transition and those who have made the choice to improve their psychological wellbeing. By far my greatest accomplishment has been to serve others in the practice of medicine. Since 1985, I have had the honor and pleasure to care for patients along with their families many times in critical situations alleviating pain and suffering.